ASAP Adds New John Palmer Work

Renowned Houston Artist, John Palmer paid a special visit to ASAP Allergy recently.  John is not typically in the “picture hanging” business, but he wanted to hand deliver the work (pictured) from his recent Sao Paulo series.  Dr. Dickens has long supported John and other Houston-area artists, and is a patron of the arts in general.  So, John decided to pay a visit to ASAP to personally hang the latest edition to the office decor.

ASAP, Dr. Dickens and John are particularly connected in that John considers art as healing – and for ASAP, healing is art. Their philosophies are mutually supportive, as is evident by ASAP’s purposefully chosen decor, designed specifically to help patients, their families and friends feel relaxed and at home when visiting the office. Dr. Dickens support for the arts continues, and ASAP is the current, corporate sponsor of John Palmer Art.