First Day of Spring

Posted by Matt C.

It’s that time of year again. Spring has finally arrived! Time to shed those winter coats and enjoy the warm weather once again. It also means that allergy season is upon us. Sneezing attacks and running noses have us reaching for a tissue left and right. Here at ASAP we refuse to let our patients […]

ASAP’s Open House Features Collaborative Painting

Posted by The Editor

Yesterday, surrounded by tables spread with delicious food, delightful deserts, and John-Palmer-hand-painted hand-bags, wallets and fashion items, Allergy, Sinus & Asthma Professionals held an open house — with a twist. Guests, referring physicians, and even staff members joined in a “group painting,” (see picture sequence, below), to be unveiled at a later date and displayed […]

ASAP Mug Shots!

Posted by The Editor

Houston Allergist custom mugs

We told you we were making some changes, and the changes even extended to coffee mugs.  The ASAP logo,fortunately,works well in single color – and there is quite a story behind how the logo came into being (it involves Houston artist John Palmer and Dr. Dickens – we’ll tell you about it sometime).  Meanwhile, the […]

Biz Cards: ASAP’s Updates Continue

Posted by The Editor

You may have noticed our refreshed website look, but that’s not all that’s changing.  We’re updating our materials to make information clearer and easier for our patients and colleagues, and we’ve other, exciting and positive changes for ASAP Allergy, Sinus & Asthma Professionals in the coming year. Those changes include exciting new services and enhancements […]

ASAP Offers In-House CT Scanning

Posted by The Editor

ASAP is committed to providing you with the best medical care possible. As part of this commitment, we utilize the Carestream CS 9300 point-of-care CT system in our practice. This system provides a number of benefits to our patients, including the following: Benefits High-resolution CT scans available immediately: our doctors can view anatomical structures with […]

ASAP Adds New John Palmer Work

Posted by The Editor

Renowned Houston Artist, John Palmer paid a special visit to ASAP Allergy recently.  John is not typically in the “picture hanging” business, but he wanted to hand deliver the work (pictured) from his recent Sao Paulo series.  Dr. Dickens has long supported John and other Houston-area artists, and is a patron of the arts in general. […]